As an educator, I have three distinct teaching principles: In my classes, I encourage my students (1) to understand basic concepts and theories in political science, (2) to connect what they learn to real-world politics, and (3) to develop their critical thinking through analytic writing.

Course I teach (at Ewha Womans University)

  • Study on Comparative Politics (Graduate) 비교정치이론특강 (대학원), Spring 2022
  • Comparative Politics (비교정치분석), Spring 2021, Spring 2022
  • Elections and Political Parties (선거와 정당), Fall 2021, Fall 2022
  • Studies on Emerging Areas (신흥지역연구), Fall 2021
  • Political Process in Democracies (민주주의 정치과정), Summer 2021
  • Politics and Laws (정치와법), Spring 2021.